Buying an Ice Cream Maker while travelling

Making ice-cream at home is not only extra convenient, but allows you to add a twist to any recipe and come with your own unique and super-delicious dessert. The variety of ice cream machines on the market is huge and you can easily find a machine that fits your needs and is well within your budget – the most affordable are the manually cranked ice-cream machines, while the self-freezing ice-cream machines are borderline professional and are capable of making high-quality ice cream and do not require pre-freezing.

If you are looking for an ice-cream maker that offers great value for money and will help you make tasty ice-cream at home, then the Kenwood IM200 Ice-Cream Maker is a model that should be on top of your list. Very affordable, yet able to produce well-aerated and delicious ice-cream or sorbet in 25 to 40 minutes time, the Kenwood IM200 Ice Cream Maker has a capacity of 0.8l and is extremely easy to use and clean. The double-insulated bowl should be kept in the freezer for at least 24 hours before it is ready to use. This is also one of the top 5 ice cream makers around.

Another great product that is also very affordable and produces high quality ice-cream is the Cuisinart 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker. It can make up to 1.41l of delicious icecream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt in 20 minutes time and its powerful motor allows you to add chocolate chips, fruits, or nuts towards the end of the churning. This ice cream maker is also simple to operate and very easy to clean.

If you happen to already own a KitchenAid mixer, then you don’t have to buy an expensive ice-cream machine: the KitchenAid KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker Attachment will save you money, while allowing you to make delicious ice cream for your family or guests. Apart from its stylish design, this is an extremely useful attachment that will let you make up to 1.9l of ice-cream in one go; the bowl has to be pre-frozen for 15 hours before use, but making the ice cream is a breeze and the attachment is very easy to clean as well.

Similar product is the Kenwood Chef Ice Cream Maker Attachment, which will turn your Kenwood Chef food processor into an ice-cream making machine. It is capable of producing up to 1l of ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt and once the bowl has been frozen, making great desserts takes only 20 minutes from start to finish.

If you are serious about making the best quality ice-cream at home, then the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice-Cream Maker is just the machine for you. What sets this ice-cream-maker apart is its self-freezing unit, which eliminates the need for pre-freezing a bowl and waiting for 24 hours before making your desserts. With the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice-Cream Maker you can make ice-cream on a whim and the whole process takes less than one hour. The capacity of this machine is 1.41l and apart from ice-cream, it allows you to make sorbets and frozen yogurt as well.

Finding the Right Sports for Your Kids

When your kids are growing up, it is always advisable to encourage them to join sports as a way of socializing with others and still have a way of identifying their talents. Sports is fun for most kids as they get to express themselves other than sitting in class the whole day.

If your kid is always struggling between different sports such as football, swimming, basketball and many others, it is time to help him out to decide the best sport to pursue.

Here is how to help your kids to choose the right sports that suit them.

Try out several sports

Kids have the opportunity of playing different sports before identifying which one is great for them. Most schools are known to play the sports on a seasonal basis. A kid can easily play football during its season and try out a different game during the next season. This means that the kid can play different games without conflicting with each other.

After a few trials in different games, the kids can know which games are better for them and those that might prove hard to play anymore. Many people who are now professional players started out as kids who tried out different games before settling for one.

Basing on talents and abilities

The talents and abilities of a kid will decide the best sports to attend. Talents can be seen early when you see that the kid is inclined to play better in a particular sport than the others. Abilities still work the same way as talents when the kid will show more skills in one game than the other.

The kid’s interest in a particular game is what will drive him to play more of the game as compared to the other games. As a parent, you are supposed to encourage the kids to pursue what they love, but not what you actually want them to do.

Training and equipment

Training goes in hand with the equipment available in the training room. The training should be based on the type of coach offering it. If the current team shows impressive skills, you can be comfortable that your kid will be under great mentorship. A good coach is the one who will help the kid unlock his talent for the game. The coach will still be able to nurture such talent to make the kid become a professional in the sport.

The type of equipment is important to help kids enhance their skills, such as swimming equipment. Sometimes the coach might be great, but the lack of equipment can lead to the kids wasting their talents. The school or management should put in more money to purchasing more equipment to help the kids learn more about the sport.

Time needed for training

Some sports are more demanding than others do. You have to determine how much time the kid has to spend learning the sport.

You would not want the sport to interfere with the normal learning schedule at school. If possible, you can have the kid learning the sport during the weekends and holidays rather than during school time.

The Consistency Of Training

Training a dog is no easy feat, and training our body is not either. When a person has a dog, this brings more activity into their lives, and a greater level of physical fitness is a natural byproduct of getting more exercise through walking your dog.

A dog must be trained, however, so that you can be sure your pet does not get in harm’s way while you are out walking. To adequately train a dog, one should be in fairly good shape, and this is not just physical shape; one must be in good mental shape as well.

Training a dog takes patience and if you work out, you will be in a better place mentally and feel less stress when training your dog. Dogs are wonderful additions to any family, and with the rates of single people rising to near 50%, dogs just about make a family where there was not one for some people nowadays!

Training a dog will also make someone more active, especially when it comes to those walks our dogs love so much. A greater level of health and physical fitness can be achieved through getting a dog, and the subsequent training that goes along with this.

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Dogs respond to consistency, and people are no different. They are often times very smart, so it is of particular importance that the whole family is on the same page with regards to what commands you are using to train your dog. For example, if your dog is jumping on every visitor as they walk in, and some of the family is saying “no” or “stop” while others are saying “heel,” your dog might get confused. Choose particular words for every situation, and consistently use those words.

Your dog will better understand if they hear the same command words every time their behavior must be corrected.

Rewarding your dog is perhaps the most wonderful, positive reinforcement, and there is not better reward than a nice long walk. There is a reward in long walks for you as well, and the more walks and physical activities you and your dog engage in, the better both of your lives will be.

Food treats are okay, but a reward system should not include too much of that as you don’t want your dog to develop diabetes, or even a weight problem. Think of the great reward you give your heart when you go for a long walk, and that same exercise and goodness is being extended to your pet.

When it comes to your dog, it is also important to have realistic expectations. Training is going to take time. It will take you time to train your body, and you also require time to learn new information, and your dog is no different. You can both learn new things and get in better physical shape together, but results will take time.

Both of you will be better off for the time you spend learning new things and making your bodies a better place to live. Training will take time, so buy a nice coat for both of you, and go out for a long walk, putting some of your training skills to the test!

Controlling Bacteria

The only thing that moves lymph fluid for all human beings is exercise. That being said, our skin is also our integumentary system’s first line of defense. Sweating through our first line of defense is the immediate way our body responds to being heated up, and it also serves to keep our water and solutes in balance, supporting homeostasis.

One of the best ways to get unwanted items out of our systems is through sweating. When we exercise, a number of items are finding their way out of our bodies. Fitness experts have varied opinions on the necessity of sweat, as a verification you are getting a good workout, but that said, any chance you get to perspire is very good for your body.

The fact also remains that most people do not feel they have gotten an adequate workout if they are not sweating. A byproduct of all this good sweating is some odors that are a result of skin bacteria that is breaking down secretions from sweat glands.

All science aside, those bacteria sure do make our post-gym life awkward to say the least! Finding an adequate deodorant to help with this situation is a good idea, or if you are the type of person who perspires a lot, finding an antiperspirant is likely your best option. That being said, there is really not much difference in pH values between men and women.

Several studies have shown that feminine deodorants that tout being pH balanced for women are really just a marketing gimmick. This means that men and women can pretty much use the same deodorants and antiperspirants. In fact, we basically do use the exact same products, except that women’s deodorants have fragrances added that are appealing to women, and likewise for men, but the actual composition of our deodorants are very much alike, if not exactly the same.

The other thing both men and women need to be concerned with is the fact that when we sweat, we are opening our skin and glands to absorb whatever deodorant or antiperspirant we are using. Doing research to track down healthier options might be something to explore.

Many people make their own homemade antiperspirants and deodorants. In this way they can control the ingredients, and maybe some even come up with a product they like better. Some of the key ingredients to making your own deodorant include corn starch, beeswax, baking soda, coconut oil and maybe even some lavender oil for women, or musk oil for me, if you prefer fragrant deodorants.

Simple research will help you find recipes for how to combine these items, and other deodorant recipes.

Making a homemade deodorant, or buying one commercially will help you accomplish your goal, which for many is to not offend our fellow gym-mates while working out.

The most important thing is to make sure you do everything you can to make yourself comfortable working out, because in the end, exercise is the best thing you can do for your body, and you want to having nothing in your way stopping you from keeping a good gym commitment, smelly pits included!

5 Fun Sports & Outdoors Things To Do

If you are very interested in sports & outdoors, then you might always be looking for new excuses to get outside and get exercising. You might be hoping for some new things to do outdoors, so that you can get out there often.

If so, then you will want to read all of the things on the list below. Hopefully you will be able to take at least one of them and use it in your daily life.

Five Fun Sports/Outdoors Things To Do

1. Fill a pool, no matter how large or small the size, and do laps in it. You don’t have to have a large pool in order to get your exercise in. Get whatever size pool you can afford, and place it in your backyard. You will have fun as you swim, and it will be a great way to cool off on warm summer days, as well.

2. Make sure that your dogs have the right dog training. Work with them and make sure that they are behaving in the way that they are supposed to, and get some really good dog supplies. Get outside and play with them and teach them new tricks. You might find it fun to be more actively involved in your dogs’ lives, and you should definitely give it a try. Invest in a remote dog training collar and you won’t be disappointed!

3. Go for a jog in a new area. Drive out somewhere you have never gone before, and then go ahead and take off jogging. Enjoy the scenery around you as you get some good exercise in. Appreciate the beauty of nature and the outdoors, and just have some fun. Who ever said that exercise had to be anything but fun?

4. Get your friends and family together for a game of soccer. It can be fun to do an organized activity like that once in awhile, and when you have people you know competing against you, the competition will be fierce. You will all enjoy each other’s company, and you will all have a great time together when you are outside playing around with a soccer ball.

5. Plant a garden. It may not be a sport, but it is still something fun that you can do, and it is something that will get you to spend more time outdoors. When you have a garden planted you will have the excuse to go out and check up on it all of the time. You will get to see all of the plants grow as you nurture them, and that should make you feel great. You will love how it feels to be a gardener for many reasons.

So, if you are feeling that there is not enough to do outside, even though you love the outdoors, then you should think again. Use any or all of the things listed above, and you will be sure to have a great time as you get outside.

And not only that, but you will also be healthier for the exercise and time outdoors that you will get in. So, what are you waiting for? Go do something outside today.

Sports and Outdoors: Best Equipment for Small Spaces

Playing sports outdoors, be it at a park or in one’s backyard, is the perfect way for family and friends to have fun all day or night. When dealing with smaller spaces such as a medium-sized backyard, one wants to maximize their space, so they can include sports equipment, the grill, seating, tables, and other outdoor furniture and appliances that make outdoor living active and fun.

The following are some of the best sports equipment for smaller spaces:

Multi-Purpose Net System by Jaypro Sports. This incredibly diverse net system is perfect for anyone who enjoys to play sports outdoors but do not have the space to set up multiple areas for different sports games. This net easily converts from a competitive volleyball system to a badminton, or tennis net system.

This is done by using a versatile, 3 1/2” O.D. Aluminum Upright pole system that allows the user to set the net at the appropriate heights using Infinite Setting Sliding Collar Height Adjustment.

Now you can easily play different sports such as badminton for the kids, volleyball, and tennis system for the teens and adults. This allows for different sports to be played with a simple adjustment, without moving any equipment.

Rukket Sports Barricade Portable Barrier Net 12ft x 9ft with Carrying Bag. This incredible barrier net is perfect for backyard or portable use at the park. This multi-purpose netting system allows anyone to practice alone or play with others in a small area. This 12ft by 9 ft barrier net offers massive coverage and offers Barrier Net Connectors (4 feet sections sold separately) to create a larger barrier net if you need it.

This multi-purpose net is perfect for the following sports: Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Cricket, Street Hockey, and the list goes on. This net barrier is even approved for indoor use—so if you have a large unused basement, you can easily set up and break down this net for indoor and outdoor use. When it rains, the fun does not have to end!

Rubbermaid Sports Station, Red/Black. This sports station is water, dent, and dust resistant, and is perfect to place outdoors, indoors, in a shed, or on a patio until you bust out the equipment for your next gaming session. This sports station is 37” in height, 36” in width, and 18” in depth, making it perfect for small and narrow spaces.

This compact station can hold up to 20 bats or sticks with an innovative top rack that locks in various sports equipment and stores it vertically. This allows anyone to easily choose which sports instrument to use and pluck it out of its place without disturbing any other of the stored bats or sticks.

In addition, the bottom is set up with a red mesh ball bag that is easily see-through for a quick pick of a ball. Whether you are storing a volleyball, soccer ball, football, hockey pucks, tennis balls, or other sports balls and equipment, this net will easily fit them all and make sure that nothing flies away outdoors.

This system will store and safety contain all of your sports equipment at home, in the backyard, or on the go to the nearest park for some game time. No matter your uses, this is a reliable and anti-mold, anti-rust, waterproofed sports station whose mesh bag, when empty, makes it aerodynamic as to not fall over during a windy day. When full, it keeps your equipment safe and in place.

Outdoor sports can be an excellent way for any family, friends, and practice teams to play in smaller areas indoors and outdoors, such as in backyards, in basements, or on the go at parks.

These multi-purpose sports equipment nets and stations can allow you to play it all: baseball, paintball, volleyball, football, soccer, tennis, cricket, badminton, lacrosse, street hockey, and more; while having the sports station that compactly and efficiently stores all of your sports gear outdoors and indoors for easy gathering of equipment, so you can be on your way through a fun game without all the hassle of setting up different equipment for different sports, or searching through different sports bags for different bats, pucks, sticks, or rackets.

Embracing Seasonal Outdoor Sports And Acitivities

Do you find that you get that “sinking” feeling of discouragement each time the season for your favorite outdoor sport or physical activity slips away and bids you goodbye, forcing you to face long months without your activity of choice until the season mercifully returns?

The good news is that you don’t have to stop enjoying the outdoors just because the weather changes. All it takes is a willingness to broaden your horizon of interests, and the adventuresome spirit to get outside and have some fun. With a little creative planning, you can be enjoying an array of activities throughout the year.

Stay Motivated Through Proper Rest

While taking the long-term, all-year approach to outdoor sports and activities can pay big dividends in terms of keeping your body moving more consistently and in maintaining peak fitness levels, it is also very important to be sure that you are giving proper rest to your body.

This will allow you to stay fresh, and will keep you motivated and “on top of your game” each and every time you get outside to participate in your activity of choice.

One way to ensure that you are allowing yourself proper rest is to be sure that you are fully relaxed during those coveted times of “rest and relaxation”. For example, taking a warm shower and using a hair loss shampoo with a pleasing aroma can relax your mind and muscles to the fullest, preparing you to get a full night’s sleep.

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Choose Your Fun

The key to enjoying outdoor sports and hobbies all year long is to begin by identifying the physical activities about which you are most passionate. For example, when you hear that snow is on the way, do you want to go outside and do a joyful victory dance, followed by running to your storage area and pulling out the cross-country skis to wait for the first precious flakes to fall? If so, it is no secret that cross-country skiing is a relatively serious passion in your life.

And while you may have resigned yourself to enjoying ski related activities for about three months out of the year, the fact is that you can begin to take a year-round approach to your passion.

How so? Its all in the psychological outlook. When winter ends and the final skiable snow has melted away, it isn’t time to forget about skiing; it is time to begin training to be in top shape for next ski season. Off-season activities that may be a good match for your ski passion may include hiking, running, bicycling, or roller-skiing.

In the same manner, if a team sport such as softball is your passion, after the completion of your hard fought yearly schedule, you don’t have to sit around all winter dreaming about hitting softballs over the fence. You can find activities that both continue to fuel your competitive drive, and contribute to helping you stay in top shape. Examples of possible off-season activities for the seasonal competitive softball athlete may include participation in outdoor track and field events, flag or touch football, or soccer.

Enjoy Life

Whichever outdoor activities you choose, the key is to get outside and have fun. Remember, life is an active journey to be savored and enjoyed. So don’t procrastinate; get outside today and fully participate in those activities that you love!

5 Ways To Have Fun With Family Using Sports And Outdoors

If you love sports and the outdoors, then you are probably always trying to find something new to do with your time. There is always something that you can be doing to change things up and have a bit of fun, and you should always try your hardest to find something new to do each day.

Sports and outdoors are meant to be exciting, and you should always feel excited when you are doing those kinds of things.

Five Ways To Have Fun With Family Using Sports And Outdoors

1. Find some scooters and get out there with your friends and family. Ride them around the block. Have some fun together and get some fresh air in while you are at it. You will have a good time together when you are all riding scooters with one another. Here’s a great site to check out for scooter information:

2. Fill a pool and let the games begin. Think of all of the different kinds of pool games that you can be playing, and then go for it. You and your family will have a great time together when you are doing something like that, and you will have the chance to spend some time outdoors while with each other.

3. Go hiking. It’s always a good idea to get out and get some excercise, and you will have a ton of fun when you go to a new hiking destination. There are so many different parks around, and when you look for a new one to go to you will be sure to find many options to pick from.

4. Play an old fashioned game of tag. It can be fun to act like a kid every once in a while, and if you and your family get outside and play a game of tag you will be sure to have fun with one another. You’ll enjoy each other’s presence, and you will get in some fresh air and exercise while you are at it.

5. Organize a game of baseball. If it is more your thing than tag, then you should talk with your friends and family and get two teams together. Play at your local baseball diamond, and you will be sure to have a great time together. It will be something that will make memories, and you will be glad for the time spent with everyone.

There are so many great things that you can be doing with your friends and family when you want to spend some time outside playing sports and having fun. Again, my favorite is to rent a sweet scooter (, but there are plenty of other options.

There are so many different things you can be doing to keep yourself in shape, and to spend some quality time with the ones that you love, and you will all be sure to have a great time when you follow the list above.

You will never run out of things to do, and you will love that. There are so many sports and outdoors activities for you to do, and you should never feel that you have to do the same thing over and over again.

Limber and Active

Weekend warriors are all too familiar with waking up on a Saturday morning, putting their rollerblades in a backpack, and jumping on their bike to ride to the linear trail. Between hiking, biking, golf, weight lifting, indoor and outdoor cardiovascular workouts, there are many of us that know the more time we spend on these activities, enhancing and maximizing our cellular respiration, the better off our bodies are going to be for it.

The rigors of our daily, and often times sedentary, work lives is just completely incongruous to creating good health. All of that stress has to be worked off, and there is no better way to do that than getting outdoors, in all weather, and getting in your workouts.


So many of us think we are somehow invincible, and we completely fail to realize the tissues that bind our muscles to our bones can get a bit worn out over time. Until that first pulled muscle that sidelines you for 6-8 weeks, and that which can often necessitate wearing a moon boot, we don’t take heed to how important it is to stretch.

Another thing to bear in mind before you head out to run a 5K is that static stretching needs to be done after your workout, and active stretching is what you need to be doing before you go. Cool muscles are not meant to be stretched to their limits in a static manner, but rather to be slowly brought around to the idea of what is coming next by continually doing slight, and active movements. Also, always remember to stretch your hip flexor muscle. It is often ignored, and should you strain it, recovery is lengthy and particularly uncomfortable. Muscle strains are the number 1 sports-related injury so stay limber!


No one loves the gym more than I do and they provide another way for you to segue into your outdoor activities and sports. Just heading to an indoor gym to do some warming up is a great way to start your day.I love all of the machines, the absolute eclectic mix of strength training circuits, components, free weights, in addition to all of the cardio machines and a long list of group exercise classes. Most gyms also offer yoga. Relative to staying limber, yoga might be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

It rounds out any fitness regimen, and classes can often be found at the gym, but if you eschew indoor gyms, doing yoga in the comfort of your home is very easy. There are even a multitude of classes on YouTube. Yoga will also bring you to the core building masterful exercise called planks. You will never forget planks once you are introduced to them! Yoga is also a wonderful treat for your body, and your muscles.


As we get on in years, this seems to be an issue that creates a number of falls. Many of you, I am sure, have seen those blue “half balls” on the gym floor called a “Bosu” ball. Those are wonderful to develop your balance. You can buy one for your home, or use the one at the gym. The important thing is to make use of that, or any other exercise that will help you work on balance.

In the end, heading outdoors is great, and sports are wonderful for the mind, body and soul, but that being said, taking some steps indoors before you head out will keep your musculature strong and limber, ready to carry you through all of your activities.